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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My boarder collies eye color...?

i have a merle boarder collie and she has blue eyes. I've heard this was acceptable for the AKC but i wasn't sure.

Yes- it is acceptable and I have seen many at shows.

Blue eyes on merles are acceptable per the AKC breed standard for Border Collies.

Yes, blue eyes on a merle BORDER Collie are acceptable per AKC breed standard.

Is is normal for a dog with a false pregnancy too...?

It is normal for her temp to be the same as an actual pregnant female? My dog is experiencing a false pregnancy and her temp is at 100. I know this is normal if she actually pregnant but I am wondering if I need to be concerned.

I dont know the temp of a dog buy my dog had lots of symptoms when she had her false pregnancy, she got fat around the stomach and her teats were swollen, then they used to leak milk. She is now fixed.

Actually, the average temp for a canine is 101, so she's actually about average.

Make an appointment with the vet to have her spayed. That will insure that she never has a false or real pregnancy ever again.

Why is my dog obsessed with licking water off my feet?

Whenever I'm in the shower she will freak me out by sticking her head in and just licking my feet, then when I get out she just keeps licking until they're dry and I can't get her to stop ha she's 5 months old and its pretty funny, just weird how obsessed she is with it

All dogs have a weird obsession or habit that we'll find funny. It's part of their personality. It's what seperates them from being just a dog to a companion and family member.

I know it's not a dog, but my cat cosmo-"helps" me do dishes. When I'm rinsing, he'll stick his paws in the water and smack the bubbles off.

My chihuahua covers me up! He'll take my blanket and bring it to my neck to snuggle me in. He also loves to lick the water off my ankles after a shower.

It's personality! Lol.

LMAO, OMG dogs will do this if you let them, its water and they think they are helping you dry off, its nature for them to do this if you let them.

My dogs do the same thing. Apparently, they like the taste. You can solve this by closing the bathroom door until you're finished with your shower.

OMG, I thought my dog was the only one that did that.

I actually have no idea why they do that, interesting.

One more Pug question. lol I

leave my house. Almost every time. She was great at first so I know she is capable of holding it. I take her out very often and always right before I leave. I have had her for a lil over a week. She was so sweet and innocent. Now what?

How old is she? If she's a puppy then there's a good chance she just can't hold it for very long.

If she's older then it sounds like she has separation anxiety. Practice making her stay in the living room while you leave and immediately come back and give her a treat. Gradually up the amount of time you are out of the room.. eventually she'll realize that when you leave you're not gone forever.

Also, try leaving something to occupy her when you leave. Like a kong (dog toy you stuff with treats) that is stuffed with her favorite treats like chicken, cheese or peanut butter. That'll help keep her mind off the fact that you're gone.

It could be seperation anxiety which can be easily cured with leaving the house momentarialy and returning with treats, If she is a pup she probably can't hold it for long, don't worry when she pottys just clean it up and show her you are taking outside where she is supposed to potty. On top of that if you can catch her pottying in the house don't scold or hit her just pick her up and lead her to where she is allowed to go. If it does not work at first just have patience, she will eventually get the message.

P.S. This trick works with older dogs too

the dog is not settled yet. there is no routine establish. you have to be patient. establish a routine for her. dogs are creatures of habit. maybe it was like that before you got her. how old is your dog? do not freak out yet. its still early. pugs are very sweet and smart dogs. they are easy to train. base on my experience. just like bullies, they can be stubborn too. relax. take time and set up a routine. a consistent routine.

please dont be one of those owners who got the dog bec they are cute. its a responsibility. once you trained them, youll have more fun with your pug.

All I can say is my daughter has 2 pugs and both still pee in the house.They say they are hard to train,I don't know but I would crate her till she learns to hold it till you get home.Not 8 hrs though if you work and if you do see if someone can come over to let her out.The fact that she would have to hold it a long time only leads to UTI and kidney problems

just stay with it! :D

you need to keep with taking her out constantly and need to punish here when she goes inside. just keep trying, it will take time, but it will work out.

a tip: make sure you clean up her "uh ohs" really well. if the smell remains she will go there again. no smell, lessens the chance.

Most pugs not all including my 2 yr old still has accidents. I talked to many pug owners and all seem to be saying the same they can't get them fully housetrained. I talked to my vet and the solution was a simple one. PeePee pads saves the carpet when we are not home and she was easy to train to them and doesn't use one when we are home. Do some research on pugs/and behaviors. Pugs were bred to be spoiled pampered never trained dogs of royal families and had their own cooks/rooms/a person to clean up ever mess they made. I don't think it has or ever will be bred out of them. Don't scold her it will only make it worse and she will start going in places to hide it from you like behind the couch under your bed anywhere to hide the fact it is happening.

also rule out any type of infection first then find a solution that works for you.

Good luck

I have a puppy that is 8 weeks old hehes got a really bad concushion with brain swelling, will he be the same?

Since you know this, I assume you've seen a vet? Ask him! He knows more about the situation than anybody on here can tell you!

well i would ask a vet.

I have a 4 month puppy. should i get a dog or puppy for it?

Depends on how well you can train a dog. If your a good trainer then get a pup around his/her age; if not then you might look into an older dog to help teach your pup the facts of life.

another puppy, and get them neutered or spayed at 6mths so they won't develop territorial tendencies and will accept each other as friends. They will work out who is alpha all by themselves. If you bring an adult dog in he may want to be alpha, show his authority and not appreciate the playfulness of a puppy.

Do YOU want another dog? Or, do YOU want your puppy to have another dog? You left your question wide open to many circumstances as to whether it's a good idea or not. You need to be more specific: are there other pets? Other puppies? Cats/kittens, young children? Can you financially afford the costs of food, vet care, personal attention to each dog individually and as pairs? Do you have any aggressive pets or children that don't know how to treat a puppy? Do you remember how destructive puppies are? Can you afford to replace damaged goods? I just got a BullMastiff puppy. She weighs 42 lbs and is only 23 weeks old!! She's been pretty good, until tonight. She figured out she could "dig" the covers off my couch and tore into a cushion and ripped it to shreds! Got a couch you can spare? 8) Seriously, give us more info so we can intelligentlly give you the best advice we think we can! Have fun, get lots of newspaper, don't keep the pup in a crate, do you want to be kept in a jail cell? TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN. Be consistant every time. This is critical. Work everyday with the pup/s but only for a short time and one on one so they aren't distracted by the other. At this age, spend maybe 15 minutes numerous times a day a command and reward with treat, don't use physical hitting with anything. EVER! Please. Give us more to work with! I'll tell you what I think irregardless what you say but I want to hear more first. Carol

You don't need one. Dogs are perfectly happy with people friends and occaisonal playdates.

However, if you do want company for your pup, get another young puppy (as a previous poster said, get them both fixed) to play with.

Older dogs may not take kindly to the adjustment of a young pup jumping at their face.

My dogs chest area is swollen and she is in pain when I pick her up.?

She drinks but doesn't eat.I am taking her to the vet today but I am just curious if anyone else has had this problem ?

Not eating is a sign of a serious problem. It could be an infection to an underlying illness that causes swelling of the organs. Nobody can tell you. She could have had an allergic reaction to something, or could have had some trauma that causes her to be in pain, thereby not interested in eating. Only a veterinarian can tell you what is wrong with her. She needs to see the vet to determine what is going on and the proper treatment she will need.

Is it possible that she could have a puncture wound that is well hidden by her fur. My dog was bitten recently in a fight and the vet missed one puncture wound that was well hidden, he discovered it the following day. These wounds often don't bleed and can be very small but can lead to infection which would cause swelling and your dog not to eat. It may well have already healed over already but be infected inside.

Could be a sting/bite from something and possibly going into anaphylatic shock where the throat closes up and is only able to swallow liquid. Soon she won't be able to breathe. How long has this been going on? When you touch her chest does it hurt? Have you seperated her fur to look at her skin? Is it red, inflamed? Are her gums/tongue a pretty healthy pink or whiteish? Is she lethargic, just wants be left alone, hiding somewhere, Is her breathing labored? How long has she gone without eating? What about pooping and peeing? Is she peeing normally? Is she pooping? Could she have swallowed something from the floor or a pork/chicken/ham bone/rawhide bone stuck? Could she have been hit by a car? Not enough info to help you. I hope your dog will be O.K. Most certainly, get her to the vet ASAP. Carol

If she is in PAIN Take her to the vet NOW!

If you were in intolerable pain that kept you from eating would you wait to go to the hospital?

I have not had this problem with any of my dogs but I know if I did they would be at the vet getting the proper care.

Thank heaven you are going to the vets today. I would never ask total strangers for advice regarding my dog's health.

What should a dobermann male weight at 6 months old?

the weight is not going to help you much as they vary so much in levels of maturity and shoulder height at that age.

a dog in good condition should have muscle development obvious without touching the dog. the hip bones should not be visible nor should any of the vertebra. it is more acceptable to have a puppy slightly over than lean as they are still growing until 12 months of age.

you should be able to feel the ribs without pressure. the coat should be glossy and the dog lively and playful. if the dog you are talking about eats a lot but is not gaining weight worm him if this does not help seek a vets advice as he may have a digestive disorder or be diabetic. if on the other hand you have a zeppilin on legs increase the exercise go to a complete dried food and measure the recommended amount and no tit bits

hope this helps

good luck

Are you asking how much a DOBERMAN should WEIGH at 6 months old. Why not talk to your dog's breeder?

My dobe was around 60-62 lbs at that age. He is now 6 years old and a healthy 87-88 lbs.

What is UKC obedience like?

I don't want a link to their site. I have read about their obedience before, but I don't understand it. How is it different from AKC?

I only did the confirmation part of a UKC show. I know rally is different in that you can have treats in the ring, or so I have been told. Only thing I can suggest is finding a show near you, enter the Confirmation part if you want, and go observe the obedience.

Sorry I can not be more helpful.

Why not google and see about the UKC? UKC doesn't give a **** about registration of purebred dogs.

Sort of disgusting question about my Shih-Tzu?

Well I have a 5 year old Shih-Tzu and these past three years ever since he got colitis the one time after a NYC canine cruise (I assumed it was either from so much excitement from being around all those other dogs or because he was stressed but he looked pretty happy on the cruise). Ever since I noticed that whenever we go for a car ride to the pet store or just to any place and I let him poop in a new place it has a little spot of blood on it (not big at all way smaller than a penny). He is always fine, eats, drinks, plays and everything normally. Could this just be from him working his system up from excitement? I also know that when we go to the dog park (which is about every weekend during the summer) he will go poop about 3 or 4 times at the park and towards the last poop its all runny. Does he just have a very sensitive system? I know hes fine because he stays himself never acts different or in pain.

A lot of dogs do get stress - induced colitis.My cousin is a dog groomer and also boards dogs,and she has several that get colitis when they are groomed or boarded.I had a Chihuahua who used to get it.As long as your vet says the dog is OK,then you shouldn't worry,but ask your vet if you can get some Metronidazole,prednisone and an antispasmodic on hand for flare-ups.You should also keep unflavored Pedialyte on hand.

Although the amount of blood may seem little reason for concern it could turn into something much worse. I would suggest going in to see the vet about it because it definitely is something that should be looked into. There is probably a small wound somewhere in his system that is for some reason having trouble healing. I think it just would be a good idea to get to the bottom of the problem before something serious could come out of it

Any kind of stress or over excitement can cause an episode of colitis. Just keep his pills handy when you know he will be under some stress.

Why does my dog lick my hands and face so much? He

My dog does the same's their way of showing you affection. I used to get annoyed too and couldn't stop it but now I let her lick me as much as she wants...she's 18 yrs old now and I've noticed that she's much happier after Iicking me than if I didn't let her so just appreciate it and let him lick

Do dogs know their way home?

my dog escaped from the yard, he loves to explore. but it's been two days, i've sent out fliers, called animal control, and just today have driven all over the neighborhood FIVE TIMES! we had two calls that he was not far from us but when we drove around we just couldnt find him. it feels as if we're missing each other. if he's never explored this far from home (he has never run away and when we take him for walks its on a leash and just up and down our street), will he come back? is he able to find his way home?

I know you called animal control, but many won't say if they have your dog or not, they make you come and look for yourself. I would highly recommend stopping by just to check their kennels to be safe. You could also try to walk the places he's been spotted and walk home from there, which would leave a scent trail for him to follow back to the house if he is indeed lost. It may or may not work, but anything is worth a try.