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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whats black, white and looks like a horse?

It could be a zorse ( Zebra x Horse) or a Zebra or a Zonkey ( zebra x Donkey)
A zebra
A special donkey with black and white stripes from Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar games.

Where can i find lionfish?

i want a lionfish where can i find one
it depends on where you live they have them where i live though you can also buy them online
they r in the atlantic coast now.
Some pet stores have them, although rarely.
if live close to pittsburgh pa there

My hamster is stuck under my bed. How do I get her out?

I was playing with my hamster outside of her cage, but she managed to run away and go under my bed. I can

My cat won

My cat was recently diagnosed with skin cancer and needs an elizabethan collar on to stop her scratching the tumour. She has become a house cat and needs to use a litter tray, but hasn

Why does my bird have cataracts?

Ok so I have 38 year old cockatoo. Last night when I got home I noticed her aggressive towards my husband and the cats. Which is not normal for her. So when I picked her up I noticed that her left eye was cloudy. I am assuming that it is cataracts. I have seen it plenty of times in dogs and horses. So I want to now if this is normal part of aging for a bird her age, or if this could be a serious medical problem. By the way our vet does not open till 10 and I will be calling to set up an appointment.
The cloudy appearance of your cockatoo

My Labrador is limping after a visit to the vet... HELP!?

Hey Y!A

Today, my labrador went to the vet because of an allergy that hit her right eye. He did not need to sedate her, he just put some eye drops in her eye and gave me the eye drops to give her everyday until her leg is healed... Problem is, she did not sit calmly but hit and kicked and did not stay still and so he had to hold her tightly cuz she wanted to hide under the table. She sprang out of his hands and under the table, and we couldnt get her out, so the vet had to pull her out by her rear left leg...

He held her on the table,still holding her left leg, until he put the eye drops in. i out her in her cage and took her home, but when i took her out of the cage, i noticed she was limping and whinning alot and her leg was raised off of the floor. i tried touching it but she got really mad at me when i did,

Should i return her back to the vet to see what is wrong with her leg?

Is it because of the vet

Going on vacation next week. How do I keep the humidity up for my Tarantula while I