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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teacup chihuahua rejection.?

OMG I just answered an ad for a chihuahua and the guy was asking me a bunch of questions. He said many people were asking for the puppy, but wanted to find a good owner because it was a t cup chihuahua and it needed to be fed 3 times a day. Also both Parents were under three pounds. My question is if he was a responsible breeder why would he breed them. I felt kind of dumb after i got rejected. Sould I?
He did you a favour by rejecting you. Feel relieved, not dumb.

There is no such size as teacup in any breed of dog.


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  1. don't feel bad about the rejection.
    something wasn't right. if they were a responsible good breeder you wouldn't even have questioned it. such as: what kind of environment are they breeding in? how long until they release them (9, 10, 12 weeks)? are they trained? do they have human interaction? does the breeder have a web cam or can you go visit them?
    we rescued a little Maltese, you can see him at Whirly Dog Supplies modeling some of the dog clothes I make, that was a breeder dog in a puppy mill and was severely neglected.
    if you got a really bad "vibe" from him, I would consider contacting your local humane society or the ASPCA and have him investigated.
    best of luck to you and your search for a pet.