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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I just fed my toad a cricket with a red stripe down its back plz tell me that cricket wasnt poisonous?

i caught this cricket outside that was blackish and it had spiked legs it looked like and it had this red stripe running down its back and i put it in with my toads and one of my females ate it can anyone tell me what kind of cricket it was or if it is poisoinous and if i should do something and what i can do if it is?
Uh oh, sounds like you fed a Lubber grasshopper and those ARE poisonous.

This is a page about Lubber grasshoppers:

This is a picture of what the young ones look like:

That one has a yellow stripe, but the stripe can be yellow, orange or even almost red.

Unfortunately, not much you can do now but wait. BUT yeah, definitely don

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