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Thursday, July 22, 2010

What can i do while i wait for the vet clinic to open?

before 2 days he started not to eat so much as he is used to ,yesterday he didnt eat well at all ,today he cant eat and he is vomiting i gave him water by syrnge and he has no ulcers ,he slept now i slept on the the floor beside him ,what else can i do i m very sad ,this kitten is like a son to me not a kitten:(
Giving him water to keep him from getting dehydrated is all I know that you can do until you can get him to the vet. Sleeping on the floor beside him was a sweet thing to do and will at least provide some comfort to him that you are near. Is he cold, shaking, or shivering? If so, it might help to cover him with a blanket. If you know what time the clinic opens, wrap him in a blanket and be there when the doors open so you can get him in to see the vet as soon as possible. I will say some prayers for you and him. Let us know how everything turns out.
google emergency Vet. clinics and see if there are any in your area. If you are not in Indianapolis, IN I couldn

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