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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Which is better (geckos)?

african fat tailed gecko

leopard gecko

bearded dragon or a crested gecko

dont choose the one you have or wish you had...thx
All of the listed lizards and geckos are great as pets. Each different person is going to have a different ideas on what a better lizard is.

What are you looking for in a reptile? being able to be held? Ease of care? Bug eating or veggie eating? Desert or tropical? Ground dwelling or tree dwelling? Small cage or a larger cage? Nocturnal or active during the day? UVB needed or not? etc......

All of these geckos can be held. The bearded dragons loves to be held. it would sit on your shoulder for hours if you let it.

The easiest to care for is the crested gecko. They are nocturnal and don

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