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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Should I get a pet Rat?

okay so I am 13 going on 14 and I have a problem. I have had quite a few pets, RIP moose the hamster he died last year and i wanted to give myself a while to have a new pet. Except i want a little bit more responsibility and to have a smarter friendlier and idk everything animal. I cant have a doggie i was thinking a rat! I picked up a rat magazine at the pet store and it described the animals as smart and affectionate. can you tell me the basics about a rat and how much time i would have to put into having one ! Thannks
omg! im 13, going on 14 in nine days. my hamster just died so i wanted a new pet. annnnd i wanted one that took more responsibility and smarter and more fun so i chose, rats! i couldnt get a dog, so yeah. i still need to convince my dad, but im pretty exited that they will be great pets.

well my answer doesnt really answer your question its just weird how ur so like me. :)

but to help you with an answer, my friend had rats before, and she absolutely loved them! she said they were REALLY smart, sweet, and never bit her! (im going to get her to help me convince my dad at my bday :D)

hope i helped, can someone help me?
In my experience, they

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