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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whats black, white and looks like a horse?

It could be a zorse ( Zebra x Horse) or a Zebra or a Zonkey ( zebra x Donkey)
A zebra
A special donkey with black and white stripes from Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar games.

Where can i find lionfish?

i want a lionfish where can i find one
it depends on where you live they have them where i live though you can also buy them online
they r in the atlantic coast now.
Some pet stores have them, although rarely.
if live close to pittsburgh pa there

My hamster is stuck under my bed. How do I get her out?

I was playing with my hamster outside of her cage, but she managed to run away and go under my bed. I can

My cat won

My cat was recently diagnosed with skin cancer and needs an elizabethan collar on to stop her scratching the tumour. She has become a house cat and needs to use a litter tray, but hasn

Why does my bird have cataracts?

Ok so I have 38 year old cockatoo. Last night when I got home I noticed her aggressive towards my husband and the cats. Which is not normal for her. So when I picked her up I noticed that her left eye was cloudy. I am assuming that it is cataracts. I have seen it plenty of times in dogs and horses. So I want to now if this is normal part of aging for a bird her age, or if this could be a serious medical problem. By the way our vet does not open till 10 and I will be calling to set up an appointment.
The cloudy appearance of your cockatoo

My Labrador is limping after a visit to the vet... HELP!?

Hey Y!A

Today, my labrador went to the vet because of an allergy that hit her right eye. He did not need to sedate her, he just put some eye drops in her eye and gave me the eye drops to give her everyday until her leg is healed... Problem is, she did not sit calmly but hit and kicked and did not stay still and so he had to hold her tightly cuz she wanted to hide under the table. She sprang out of his hands and under the table, and we couldnt get her out, so the vet had to pull her out by her rear left leg...

He held her on the table,still holding her left leg, until he put the eye drops in. i out her in her cage and took her home, but when i took her out of the cage, i noticed she was limping and whinning alot and her leg was raised off of the floor. i tried touching it but she got really mad at me when i did,

Should i return her back to the vet to see what is wrong with her leg?

Is it because of the vet

Going on vacation next week. How do I keep the humidity up for my Tarantula while I


My sisters dog likes me more and she

My sister and I live together with her miniature dachshund. I watch him while she works from 1 pmto 11 pm to pay off his insurence and her car.

He thinks I

My 3 yr old won a goldfish, how do we care for it, from the state fair?

He is in a make shift tank that we bought from them for an additional $6. It is basically one of those critter keepers. They gave us some fish food, and we gave him a little bit of it. He didn

What kind of dog is a siberian husky?

The Siberian Husky (Russian: , Sibirskiy haski,

Any info about clydesdales would be helpful...?


Should I get a pet Rat?

okay so I am 13 going on 14 and I have a problem. I have had quite a few pets, RIP moose the hamster he died last year and i wanted to give myself a while to have a new pet. Except i want a little bit more responsibility and to have a smarter friendlier and idk everything animal. I cant have a doggie i was thinking a rat! I picked up a rat magazine at the pet store and it described the animals as smart and affectionate. can you tell me the basics about a rat and how much time i would have to put into having one ! Thannks
omg! im 13, going on 14 in nine days. my hamster just died so i wanted a new pet. annnnd i wanted one that took more responsibility and smarter and more fun so i chose, rats! i couldnt get a dog, so yeah. i still need to convince my dad, but im pretty exited that they will be great pets.

well my answer doesnt really answer your question its just weird how ur so like me. :)

but to help you with an answer, my friend had rats before, and she absolutely loved them! she said they were REALLY smart, sweet, and never bit her! (im going to get her to help me convince my dad at my bday :D)

hope i helped, can someone help me?
In my experience, they

How do you care for a lame horse?

There are many reasons why your horse might be lame, but problems in the legs should always be taken seriously. A lame horse is unable or unwilling to place weight on one hoof, and is usually identified by a hobbling or tentative gait.

Read more: How to Care for a Lame Horse |
find out what leg he is lame on. Think of what possibly could have caused the lameness, saddle fit, past few days work, horses age, etc... Exam all the horses legs thoroughly for any swelling, heat, or anything weird looking and cold hose all 4 legs. Check the horses hooves, see if there are any weird color (red) on, in, around the horses hoove. it could be a bruise. Next put the horse in a dry covered area. In the stall, or covered paddock. preferably sand. something with soft ground. Give the horse bute. call the vet and make an appt. Leave the horse in the paddock or stall overnight.

Vet comes, gives diagnosis, follow vets rules, listen. do ultrasounds if needed, do xrays if needed. do whatever is needed, then follow up with the recovery process.

What breed(s) might this dog be?

I have absolutely no clue.

My cat is acting a bit weird help?

ok we got this kitten shes about 8 months old now. well sometimes she runs into my room jumps on my stereo speakers with her front paws leaning on the tv looking at the ceiling around my ceiling fan or will jump on my bed and just run back and forth stopping at each end to look around. shes looking at the walls for some reason. yes shes had her shots. whats weird is i heard animals can detect paranormal activity so i thought it was that but my house is a new manufactured home(we

Pre-planning next doggy?

We are looking to add another dog to the family next spring once our puppy grows up a bit [he

My cat had kittens a month ago...?

Every time they run around and play she starts to meow like crazy... Why?
She is a good mother, she is anxious that the babies are going to get into something.Mother cats can be overprotective just like people.Her kittens are getting at the creeping stage now, starting to get into things and play.It is just her reaction to want to keep them all together, so she can keep an eye on them.Also, they are a strain, nursing kittens at that age.They are growing so fast now, it is taking more and more milk to feed them.Give her a can of food when she starts meowing and she will calm down.
its her own way of protecting the babies, you will need to give it some time before you can play with them. the cats scent is the only thing the mom wants on her babies.
It sounds like she

What to look for in a breeder?

Holy cow batman- BYB charge a ton of money for mutts!!!! I had not idea. I was looking for breeders in my area and the BYB popped up on the internet. Man, I

What makes some poodle hybrids soft and fluffy and others....?

tawny and curly?


What kind of dog would you do anything to own?

I have always wanted a siberian husky but theres another dog with shagy hair that id love to have. I seen it on the ceaser dog food comercial. I have always wanted a siberian husky. They are beautiful dogs and tuff too!
Border Collie.

Lets see how many TD

Teacup chihuahua rejection.?

OMG I just answered an ad for a chihuahua and the guy was asking me a bunch of questions. He said many people were asking for the puppy, but wanted to find a good owner because it was a t cup chihuahua and it needed to be fed 3 times a day. Also both Parents were under three pounds. My question is if he was a responsible breeder why would he breed them. I felt kind of dumb after i got rejected. Sould I?
He did you a favour by rejecting you. Feel relieved, not dumb.

There is no such size as teacup in any breed of dog.


What was the largest fish tank youve ever had?

A 55 gallon tank from walmart. I havent owned fish in years. It would be fun going back and getting some more though!
10 gal.
I was looking for a 500 gallon but I figure it would be hard to get to the fourth floor of the apartments I live in so I settled for a 90 gallon.
The biggest one I

Do iguanas make good pets?


I just fed my toad a cricket with a red stripe down its back plz tell me that cricket wasnt poisonous?

i caught this cricket outside that was blackish and it had spiked legs it looked like and it had this red stripe running down its back and i put it in with my toads and one of my females ate it can anyone tell me what kind of cricket it was or if it is poisoinous and if i should do something and what i can do if it is?
Uh oh, sounds like you fed a Lubber grasshopper and those ARE poisonous.

This is a page about Lubber grasshoppers:

This is a picture of what the young ones look like:

That one has a yellow stripe, but the stripe can be yellow, orange or even almost red.

Unfortunately, not much you can do now but wait. BUT yeah, definitely don

Do horses like to be ridden?

Your going to get a lot of different views on this question. I wouldnt be suprised if it stirred up a argument!

Through MY EYES I see it that horses dont enjoy people on their backs seeing how horses are wild animals from the very moment they were born. If they werent

My cat is sleeping a lot deeper and a lot more lately?

About 3-4 weeks ago. He usually sleeps all day, but it

So...whats your view on life?

I believe that life is grandiose. Life is full of living and non living counter parts and I enjoy the both. My most precious parts of life are the animals and how marvelous the beauty of planet earth brings to us.

Are female golden retrievers considered to be the sluttiest out of all the breeds?

I don

Whats one thing that aggrivates you at the moment?

I work for a horse rescue and the people thats horses are taken from them,they keep emailing me and calling me begging for their horses back. I

Will my ball python survive with low humidity?

The soonest I can get a humidifier for his terrarium is in a couple of weeks. Will my ball python be okay with low humidity(20-30%)?
Yes. You can make humidity by just spraying a little bit of water in the tank each day. Put some moss in the tank and redamping it each day with warm water. Until you can get a humidifier, do that.

I I suggest using under the tank heat (UTH) so your snake can warm his belly and digest his food. You can use a heat lamp, but you are almost guaranteed to have humidity problems which is a direct cause of a bad shed (a shed that comes off in pieces or leaves pieces behind). There are all sorts of under the tank heaters, the most common UTH is a reptile heat pad that can easily be found at a pet store. You want the tub/tank where your snake lays to be about 88-92 degrees. This should be the temp that the tub floor is, not the temp of your heat tape/UTH. My heat tape is set at about 96 which is a tad hot for a snake, but you lose some heat because the tubs have air gaps. It

Is the gravy in cat food bad?

I disagree with the statement that if it was bad they wouldn

How long does canned cat food last in the fridge?

If I buy them in big cans, they are so cheap and I can afford Wellness... but I only have one cat. She refuses to eat any dry food I offer so I give her a little dry mixed in her canned. She would be able to finish a 12.5 oz can in 3 days...... is that too long in the fridge? What can I do to keep it fresher? Or should I stick to brands I can afford like Fancy Feast?
3 days would be the maximum. You are doing a great job sticking to the high quality food, I would not switch to fancy feast, it

What can i do while i wait for the vet clinic to open?

before 2 days he started not to eat so much as he is used to ,yesterday he didnt eat well at all ,today he cant eat and he is vomiting i gave him water by syrnge and he has no ulcers ,he slept now i slept on the the floor beside him ,what else can i do i m very sad ,this kitten is like a son to me not a kitten:(
Giving him water to keep him from getting dehydrated is all I know that you can do until you can get him to the vet. Sleeping on the floor beside him was a sweet thing to do and will at least provide some comfort to him that you are near. Is he cold, shaking, or shivering? If so, it might help to cover him with a blanket. If you know what time the clinic opens, wrap him in a blanket and be there when the doors open so you can get him in to see the vet as soon as possible. I will say some prayers for you and him. Let us know how everything turns out.
google emergency Vet. clinics and see if there are any in your area. If you are not in Indianapolis, IN I couldn

Old lady and a dead cat...?

i saw an old lady buried a dead street cat(that was nearly there for a day)..she did that one care about that the cat...but the old lady did that even with her difficulty in is not common in india...what u think?

Guinea pig cross breeds?

I have a pair of crossbred guinea pigs..both of them are half peruvians half smooth haired guinea pigs. If they would have a baby, what would their hair would look like? would the longhair trait be dominant? thank you.
Short (L) is dominant to long (l). Rough (R) is dominant to smooth (r). Pure bred Americans are LLrr while pure bred Peruvians are llRR. If both parents were pure bred then yours should be LlRr which would have short rough coats (Abyssinian like). If they don

Has anyone used Soft Claws for cats? If so, does it work and is it safe?

Love them!!!! All my cats have them on. I apply them when they are napping on my lap some groomers will apply them free if you purchase them at their salon.I apply them all at once then slowly as the nail grows they fall off then you just reapply.My cats do not seem to mind them.They are cool looking to I have a white cat and I apply the hot pink ones look neat.
In my experience, they don

How to get rid of stray cats?

My neighbor is an older man with an affinity for cats. By my approximations, there are around 15 cats hanging out at his house, and running rampant around the cul-de-sac. It is hard to walk my dogs because there are usually 2-3 cats waiting in the front yard when i open the door. What can i do to possibly get rid of them, since the neighbor doesnt seem to do much taking care of them besides providing them with food, which is why they never leave. Can i kill them, and if so, what is the best way to do it without drawing attention to myself?
In answer to your question,

Horse stepped on foot?

So a horse stepped on myfoot, it only got the riding boot, how do i get rid of the indent in the boot now? I tried pushing it from the inside it didnt work. help, i got them yesterday
Hurt didn

Will My Rottweiler Be OK to go outside or down to my private beach without a leash?

I was wondering if it would be okay to let my baby rottweiler run around (6 Weeks old) without a leash down at my private park and beach, and around my yard.. My neighbor does it with her little 5 week old rottweiler, and my rott and hers are male. I was thinking if I started early, then he would know not to run away, and to know that he could be off a leash, if he was by me.
so your pup is 10 weeks and the neighbour

Are Shar pei

We are getting a mini chinese shar pei puppy (not a toy she will be about 40 lbs) And I have 2 little girls. I am a little concerned about their temperment from hearing storys from people but my friend has one and he is an excellent dog. If you have any insight for me please let me hear it. Thank you
If you bring it up with love and attention then I am sure that the dog will be perfect for a family!
First of all Shar Pei

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do you think that she is dead?

A few weeks ago, one of the stray cats in my neighborhood disappeared. She returned three days later, with what appeared to be, an Upper Respiratory Infection; her eyes and nose were runny, she was sneezing, and was breathing through her mouth. She was also slightly skinnier.

I placed her in my garage with water, food, and a cat box, hoping she might get better. She would not eat or drink, so I force-fed her baby food and water, with a syringe. After two days of being in my garage, I decided to let her out. Her health had not improved. I thought she might do better with fresh air.

She disappeared, again, for two days. When she returned her nose and eyes were not that runny. She was still breathing through her mouth. She seemed much more energetic. I offered her kibble, warm tuna, and some baby food, but she would not eat.

I did not have any pocket money to spare. I contacted my veterinarian clinic, and asked if I could pay several days later, when I received some money. My clinic told me no; getting her checked out would have to wait.

She hung around my house for two or three days, and then disappeared, again. She has been missing for around three days now. I have scheduled a veterinarian appointment on each of these days, hoping to see her. Unfortunately, I have had to reschedule each one of them because she has not come back.

Do you think that there is a chance that she might return? My friends are telling me that she probably starved to death. I do not want to believe this, though. I actually plan to make this cat an indoor cat when I move, in one year (I need more space before I can let her in).
I feel for you.

I have had similar problems..i honestly think she will come back. Has she ever been gone this long?

I have fed stray cats that were literally half dead...thin...colds..the whole thing. I just had one that disappeared a month ago and i knew he wasn

My dog seems to be an attention hog. How do I correct her growling at the other dog when petting her?

When I pet another dog, my dog comes up and almost pushes the other dog out of the way. Also, if I am playing with her, and the other dog wants to play with her, she will growl/bark. Both dogs are over 10 years old. Help!
i would remove her from the room for a few seconds and repeat until she realizes that every time she growls that she is sent away. i would also add a word like stop and then remove her immediately. it should be easy to correct all you do is what you do and when she does what you don

Bunny Questions...? HELP! Easy 10 points!?

Here are my questions:

1.What treats are good for bunnies? I heard yogurt drops are good treats=) Also what fruits and veggies?

2.Whats the safest, but cheap litter for bunnies? NO CEDAR OR PINE!

3.Whats a good bed for a bunny?

4.How much does it cost to get a male bunny neutered and a female bunny spayed?

I was just wondering=D thanks!
1. Fruits are good treats for bunnies, and yogurt drops are bad for bunnies. All the yogurt drops do is harm rabbits -- this has been affirmed by every house rabbit article or handbook that I

USEF rules- junior vs adult?

I did look the rules up online, but I

How do i make my 1 eyed cat stop meowing?

i don

What does bird food taste like?

I recently bought a parrot which was weened onto Zupreem pellets. I heard that the colors and extra sugar is bad. I wonder what they actually taste like. Someone recommended that I switch to Roudybush pellets, will those taste ok to my bird considering it

Should I get my budgie foot toys?

I heard that they are not good for some birds. Should budgies have them, or should they just have like toys that hang from the ceiling of the cage?

Two hamster questions. :)?

Yesterday, when I went to put my hamster in his ball, I noticed that one of his poop

A Good

This is going to be my second year raising steers. Last year I named my steer T-Bone. I really liked that name because it was meet. Haha, but his name explained what he was going be the following year. My friend named hers in Chuck Roast. The reason why I liked these two names was because they were both meat but they were also lie real names....cuz some people name their dogs TBone and chuck is a real name. Any other names like this that you can think of?
Sir Loin

Big Mac

Barbie Q

ground round

the cow tongue
Call him Sloppy Joe :)

or Stroganoff, Jerky, Meatloaf or maybe just BBQ!

I just bought my guinea pig yesterday and she isnt eating? HELP PLEASE?

yesterday i bought a guinea pig from my local petco , its a female guinea pig and she is only about 4-5 months old right now . she has a bowl of her guinea pig pellets in her cage along wit carrots and 3 slices of clementine . so far she hasnt eaten anything and she is hiding in her home . she seems very scared , how can i get her to calm down and eat?


Should u be worried if you get horse poop on your hands?

i was changing the horse shoes when he lifted his tale and pooped on my hands could i become sick from it being on my hands
*eye roll*, yes, yes it will kill you, you should sell your horse immediately and move to a more sterile environment.

burdfour, you are tooooo funny!!! I

Should i get a cult (baby) or a grown horse?

i have been debating over this for quite some time now. can anyone give me the pros cons of both and tell me which one would be best to get. i

If you bred a normal california kingsnake to a normal cornsnake what are the babies?

just wondered, also what about the same thing but albino cal. king and a normal cornsnake?
Normal California King snake x Normal Corn snake = Jungle Corn Snake

Albino California King Snake x Normal Corn Snake = Albino Jungle Corn Snake

But of course it depends if it is het for 100% albino. Its all genetics, read up on it some more. Like the person above said the snakes may or may not cooperate. I don

What temperature should my bearded dragon tank be?

My bearded dragon tank is at a usual 30 degrees Celsius/90 degrees Fahrenheit and 20 degrees at night/75 degrees Fahrenheit
the daytime temp is perfect. but bearded dragons are desert animals, which means if your going to keep them in captivity you must stimulate a desert lifestyle. deserts get much colder at night, i keep my tank at about 45 fahrenheit at night. however mine is much bigger now so his substrate is sand, during the night he burrows in the sand which is hot from the day, if yours is still a baby he cant have sand because he could eat it and impact his bowel. so if hes to small to burrow like he would naturally, then he should have a reptile carpet or someother safe substrate, and you should keep his tank at at least 60 degrees fahrenheit
Cool enough so that the explosives in the shells don

Does Big Al

I just bought a tank from big al

Why did my horse **** my cow?

i went outside to find my horse and when i found him he had his penis in the cow *** Thorstein in her like she was a norther horse
Lame troll fail. Not even worthy of my usual all caps response. Booorrrriiinnnggg.

When is my female guppy going to give birth?

Well I

Do you think that AKC should do more to prevent puppy mills?

AKC registration is not that hard to obtain as long as both parents are AKC registered then so are the puppies. Nothing is taken into consideration concerning the welfare of the breed. How could AKC help change this?
The AKC does not have the authority to change it. Until stricter laws are enacted many puppy mills are technically not doing anything illegal. AKC could maybe bring exposure to the issue but that

What all animals can a horses mate with?

i know it can mate with a zebra and a donkey i was wondering did i miss some
If you make a horse mate with a rhino, it makes a unicorn.
A stallion

Bearded dragon ate a firefly!?

I know it

I need a dog float or dog raft that will not pop.?

I asked this question 2 weeks ago and someone posted a good answer but it disappeared. The answee had doggy in the name. Help!
Here is the link to the question from 2 weeks ago. And I believe the website was

Is goat milk good for my puppy?

my friend says it is good nutrients for my puppy. is this tru
Yes, for a puppy, it has nutrients in it. Hope I helped! :)
No. No cow milk, either. If the puppy is not nursing, get puppy formula from a pet store. Goat milk is NOT good for them.
next to it

Can baby snails lay eggs?

I have 3 baby snails that i got like a week ago and i think they already laid eggs. Is this possible? I have them in a jar and i put the bottom of a foam bowl to float on top so that they don

Can a dog have sex with a cat?

i saw my bounding the cat
well the cat has a hole doesn

I bought 2 paradise fish that were in?

a community tank, then in a 160 gallon community pond in my backyard. i live in california and the tmep in the pond is just below 70. i started to notice that they were getting bloated so i isolated them and tried to treat them, but they died.. i thought maybe they were infected before i bought them. a few weeks ago i bought another paradise fish, and put her in the community pond, and she has started to bloat too. no other fish are showing signs. and i

Should I get a dwarf hamster, or a syrian hamster and why?

Which one should I get, and what are the pros and cons of both? Please don

Do you think that I

I am not a super experienced horse rider, but I have been trail riding for a few days and I had maybe 2 years of experience but with long breaks in between. I love to ride horses, and to just be with them, and today on the trail we trotted and loped, but the only bad thing is I couldn

How do i grow my pups?

i have some fertiliser and rich, moist soil. please tell me step by step how i grow my own organic, delicious puppies. What flavours do you recommend? the person who gives the best answer gets a free grown puppy!
watermelon and pineapple, so they are sweet and a bit sour. you must tend to them daily with watering and food. you have to talk to them so they know how special they are. puppies grow from all the love and attention they get.
Go buy a Chia Pet.
please I would trooly lerv a nice new puppy, but I want it to fit in my mobile phone pocket so I don

Should i take snail eggs away from the other snails so they don


I put a bottom of a foam bowl on top of my bowl because my snails kept crawling out. I have 3 snails. And i guess they laid should i take the eggs out? And btw there i wont be peeling them off, i would just set the foam in a different bowl...what do you guys think?

Thankss :)
Are your snails Giant African Land Snails? If so, put the eggs in the freezer, otherwise you will be overrun with snails! Of course, if they are not (and you want to breed them) or you want to breed them, them set aside a small tub with air holes, fill it with compost, keep it moist but don

Which is better (geckos)?

african fat tailed gecko

leopard gecko

bearded dragon or a crested gecko

dont choose the one you have or wish you had...thx
All of the listed lizards and geckos are great as pets. Each different person is going to have a different ideas on what a better lizard is.

What are you looking for in a reptile? being able to be held? Ease of care? Bug eating or veggie eating? Desert or tropical? Ground dwelling or tree dwelling? Small cage or a larger cage? Nocturnal or active during the day? UVB needed or not? etc......

All of these geckos can be held. The bearded dragons loves to be held. it would sit on your shoulder for hours if you let it.

The easiest to care for is the crested gecko. They are nocturnal and don

What is needed for a mare foaling in oct-dec?

Im debating on weather or not to rescue a mare who is due to foal some time in october-dec. what all would i need other then the obvious foaling kit? the people who own her now got her from the feed lot back in january not even knowing she was infoal. they do not have the facility to foal out a mare. but they have done a very good job at gaining weight on her and she is look much more healthier.

Back in january

You should call your vet and find out what shots and vit/minerals she should be getting. Just like with humans horses benefit from a little extra while pregnant. You should really have a stall for her to come into at night and keep a close eye on her during the day. Especially since it is not really known when she will give birth. You should also spend some time gaining the mares trust so when the time comes you will stress her out as little as possible. Remember 40 degrees is still pretty cold to a new wet foal that was used to his mom

How to take care for a pet baby turtle?

So, I just bought these two bab turtles and I really don

Has anyone heard of

I am looking for a Great Pyrenees and when I found their website I called the number. The lady on the phone was very nice and asked a lot of questions. She told me that based on their screening criteria, a smaller breed was best for my family. Of course I understand the reason for all the questions/screening process and all, but if there is anyone out there who has purchased from them I would like to know if they were helpful in matching you with your breed. Is it selfish of me to still want a Great Pyr?
I bought my wifes Yorkie through these guys about 2 years ago. My wife had just found out she had cancer when our first Yorkie died at a ripe old age of 13 years. My wife named him Rocky because our cats name is Apollo and she thought it would be cute but the cat turned out to be about 12 pounds heavier than the dog!

When Rocky died my wife was crushed and had to deal with that along with having cancer. So I found her another Yorkie puppy and those 2 have been best friends ever since. As far as I can tell the people at Breeder Network are terrific. They listened to the whole thing and helped me pick the right little guy for my wife. I still send them pictures of my wife LeAnne and Rocky and they love it!
Theyre good! And they have a health guarantee. Id use them or the pound.
I know they are very particular about who can get one of there dogs and will tell you no.

If I buy two male syrian hamsters, will they try to kill each other?


Which dog breed to get: pomeranian or maltese?

Okay, so last time i asked this question I had quite a few dog breeds on mind. So, my list came down to two. Which dog breed should I get, pomeranian or maltese? They

I won a goldfish at the carnival and hes in a cereal bowl filled with water and i fed him some trix cereal is?


is he floating at the top of the bowl now?
Not really sure what the question is but I don

I have a question about hamsters.?

Okay so I have 2 chinease dwarf hamsters. I got them last August, so almost a year old. If I buy 2 more of the same type of hamsters can I put them in the same cage as my old ones? Will they fight? THANKS!
If you put too many hamsters in a cage they could fight and kill each other.
put a divider in the tank so they get used to each other for about a month then u can put em together
Yes u can put them in the same cage if they are the same breed they will just play. They might fight so keep a eye on them.

How many fish can I put in my 3g fish tank?? And can they breed?

I have a 3g fish tank and I already have one platy in it. She looks kinda lonely so I was wondering if I could get about 3 more platies 2 males and a female. That way I have 2 of each sex. I was wondering if they could breed in a 3g tank. I have a ten gallon but I was only going to set that up if the mom got pregnant. I figured I could keep the babies in the 10 gallon after birth. So could I get 3 more platies? And would they even breed in that small of a space?
the tank is to small to add anything else. You can only have 1 inch of fish per gallon of water and platies get 3 inches. You calculate it by the adult fish size. Also anything under 10 gallons does not have good enough filters to support anything besides a betta.

As far as breeding goes you dont want to even think about it unless you can set up a ton of tanks. one batch of platy babies can be up to 15 per batch and they have babies about every two months.

If you get any more fish for that tank they will most likely all end up dieing from pollution. That tank is to small to clean 25% once a month like your fish need, it will have to be cleaned every week which will stress your fish out and also kill them
Platys dont belong in anything less then a 20 gallon aquarium. The only thing suitable for a 3 gallon tank is a male or female betta and thats IT *One fish. Not both. Male or female betta, pick one. Males are more colorful and have longer fins* and thats ONLY if you fit it with a sponge filter and heater. 1

Am I Ready For A Pet Dog?

its the summer now and my mom and i are THINKING about getting a dog from the rescue (animal freinds pittsburgh) im 14.

i go to school obviously so i was wondering if i walk the dog 20 minutes before i go to school,

(i leave at 7:45)

leave it in a big cage (where it can stand up move around like 6 feet by 3 feet and like 5 feet tall)

i come home around 3:45 and would take it for a run and play frisbee in the park for 30-45 minutes

a day. i would obvously provide it with alot of love am i ready to mee the excersie and housing requirments? thanks


Muhmad Al-Ajir Huessien
Yes, you sound ready, but for a small dog. Big dogs need more attention

Is there a website where i can design an aquarium?

I don