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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What is needed for a mare foaling in oct-dec?

Im debating on weather or not to rescue a mare who is due to foal some time in october-dec. what all would i need other then the obvious foaling kit? the people who own her now got her from the feed lot back in january not even knowing she was infoal. they do not have the facility to foal out a mare. but they have done a very good job at gaining weight on her and she is look much more healthier.

Back in january

You should call your vet and find out what shots and vit/minerals she should be getting. Just like with humans horses benefit from a little extra while pregnant. You should really have a stall for her to come into at night and keep a close eye on her during the day. Especially since it is not really known when she will give birth. You should also spend some time gaining the mares trust so when the time comes you will stress her out as little as possible. Remember 40 degrees is still pretty cold to a new wet foal that was used to his mom

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