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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Has anyone heard of

I am looking for a Great Pyrenees and when I found their website I called the number. The lady on the phone was very nice and asked a lot of questions. She told me that based on their screening criteria, a smaller breed was best for my family. Of course I understand the reason for all the questions/screening process and all, but if there is anyone out there who has purchased from them I would like to know if they were helpful in matching you with your breed. Is it selfish of me to still want a Great Pyr?
I bought my wifes Yorkie through these guys about 2 years ago. My wife had just found out she had cancer when our first Yorkie died at a ripe old age of 13 years. My wife named him Rocky because our cats name is Apollo and she thought it would be cute but the cat turned out to be about 12 pounds heavier than the dog!

When Rocky died my wife was crushed and had to deal with that along with having cancer. So I found her another Yorkie puppy and those 2 have been best friends ever since. As far as I can tell the people at Breeder Network are terrific. They listened to the whole thing and helped me pick the right little guy for my wife. I still send them pictures of my wife LeAnne and Rocky and they love it!
Theyre good! And they have a health guarantee. Id use them or the pound.
I know they are very particular about who can get one of there dogs and will tell you no.

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