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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How many fish can I put in my 3g fish tank?? And can they breed?

I have a 3g fish tank and I already have one platy in it. She looks kinda lonely so I was wondering if I could get about 3 more platies 2 males and a female. That way I have 2 of each sex. I was wondering if they could breed in a 3g tank. I have a ten gallon but I was only going to set that up if the mom got pregnant. I figured I could keep the babies in the 10 gallon after birth. So could I get 3 more platies? And would they even breed in that small of a space?
the tank is to small to add anything else. You can only have 1 inch of fish per gallon of water and platies get 3 inches. You calculate it by the adult fish size. Also anything under 10 gallons does not have good enough filters to support anything besides a betta.

As far as breeding goes you dont want to even think about it unless you can set up a ton of tanks. one batch of platy babies can be up to 15 per batch and they have babies about every two months.

If you get any more fish for that tank they will most likely all end up dieing from pollution. That tank is to small to clean 25% once a month like your fish need, it will have to be cleaned every week which will stress your fish out and also kill them
Platys dont belong in anything less then a 20 gallon aquarium. The only thing suitable for a 3 gallon tank is a male or female betta and thats IT *One fish. Not both. Male or female betta, pick one. Males are more colorful and have longer fins* and thats ONLY if you fit it with a sponge filter and heater. 1

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