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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do you think that she is dead?

A few weeks ago, one of the stray cats in my neighborhood disappeared. She returned three days later, with what appeared to be, an Upper Respiratory Infection; her eyes and nose were runny, she was sneezing, and was breathing through her mouth. She was also slightly skinnier.

I placed her in my garage with water, food, and a cat box, hoping she might get better. She would not eat or drink, so I force-fed her baby food and water, with a syringe. After two days of being in my garage, I decided to let her out. Her health had not improved. I thought she might do better with fresh air.

She disappeared, again, for two days. When she returned her nose and eyes were not that runny. She was still breathing through her mouth. She seemed much more energetic. I offered her kibble, warm tuna, and some baby food, but she would not eat.

I did not have any pocket money to spare. I contacted my veterinarian clinic, and asked if I could pay several days later, when I received some money. My clinic told me no; getting her checked out would have to wait.

She hung around my house for two or three days, and then disappeared, again. She has been missing for around three days now. I have scheduled a veterinarian appointment on each of these days, hoping to see her. Unfortunately, I have had to reschedule each one of them because she has not come back.

Do you think that there is a chance that she might return? My friends are telling me that she probably starved to death. I do not want to believe this, though. I actually plan to make this cat an indoor cat when I move, in one year (I need more space before I can let her in).
I feel for you.

I have had similar problems..i honestly think she will come back. Has she ever been gone this long?

I have fed stray cats that were literally half dead...thin...colds..the whole thing. I just had one that disappeared a month ago and i knew he wasn

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